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Containers of prepackaged food

Food Shop


Can’t get enough of delicious CKC food but don’t have any of our upcoming catered events in your calendar (or you just don’t want to wait)? Then you’ll love the Creative Kosher Catering Food Shop!

Our fridge and freezer are open and you can walk in and help yourself to whatever tasty culinary treasures you can find. Smoked meat, egg rolls, schnitzel - you can find all that and more in our shop and carry it out of our building and straight to your dinner table within minutes! Everything is prepared and packaged so it is ready to eat right away! 

Contact our office or visit our social media to see what we have in stock this week.

COVID-19 Update

We know that with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community has fallen on hard times. While the world may be changing, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy our affordable and delicious meals. During this time, CKC has expanded our Food Shop to incorporate daily meal curbside pick-up. You read that correctly, you can order our heavenly meals everyday, feeding your family unforgettable dinners while supporting a local Jewish business in the process! The menu for each week is available on our social media pages (or you can call the office for details) but you can expect the great variety and exquisite flavours you know and love!

Smoked meat

Hot Smoked Meat Daily

Delicious deli boxes with David Smith’s famous smoked meat, rye bread, potato wedges, pickles, mustard, and coleslaw. Simple, scrumptious and available daily!

Prepared Shabbat meal

Shabbat in a Box

Our Shabbat boxes come with all the staples: challah, potato wedges, meatballs, brisket, kugels, desserts, and more! Order a Shabbat dinner box and make your Friday night a truly restful (and delicious) endeavor!

Seven Prepared Meals

Tuesday Senior Special

Senior meals deals include 7 prepared meals for only $118 – delivery included!! Prepared with love for your loved ones!

Falafel plate

Weekly Curbside Specials

Spice up your week and enjoy one of CKC's weekly specials. David Smith is always cooking up something new. From Chinese fusion to Israeli style - each week comes along with a unique and exciting menu!